Affordable Handbags

Looking for an affordable handbag this summer? I went ahead and looked up the cutest handbags that are perfect for summer. These selected items are perfect for any outfit, for a girls night out, a casual weekend away, a tailgate or even for work. The best part about is that they won’t brake the bank! […]

June Favorites

June is my favorite month can you guess why? If you said because its the beginning of summer you got that wrong. The heat and I don’t get along I easily sweat and get fluster. However, June is my birthday month and I tend to over shop around this time of year. So here are […]

Simple Ways To Entertain Yourself On a Long Car Ride

Hi Everyone, it has been a while since my last blog post but I am back. Lately, we have been driving back and forth from California and Las Vegas. Everyone always ask how was the drive and honestly we have gotten use to it over the years so it goes by fast for us. However, […]


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