Eye Lashes

So lately I have been asked in person and online about my eye lashes. Let me start off by saying that I almost never curl my eye lashes nor do I wear fake lashes and if I were to wear fake lashes it’s due to a big event or I want to look a bit extra. lol

I have two favorite mascara’s and they both work so good and yet the prices are like night and day.

lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara

Let’s start with the Lights, Camera Lashes 4 – in – 1 Mascara from Tarte. Price $23. 

I seriously love this mascara… they instantly make my eyelashes, look fuller and pop. I like my mascara in black and it makes them look so long and lush. I highly recommend this because it contains Vitamin C and provitamin B5. When using this mascara it also makes my eyes look so big… and I always say the bigger the better. lol I tend to always focus on the outer lashes to give it dimension.

The second one I want to talk about is LashBlast Fusion by Covergirl… This is my go to mascara! It really inexpensive you can probably get this under 8 dollars at your local drug store.

CoverGirl LashBlast Water Resistant Mascara, Very Black [885], 0.44 oz [022700131884]

In my personal opinion the moment I started using this mascara it was a total game changer for me and I never switched after that. I have been  using this for many years and every time I use it I almost always get compliments. I personally never leave my  house with out mascara I go through it fairly easy. I do think that it works just as good and I can purchase it way more often and not break my pocket for it.

If you try any of these send me a message I would love to read which one worked best for you. And post pictures for everyone else to see.

Hope you enjoyed this!



Tarte : https://tartecosmetics.com/en_US/makeup/eyes/mascara/lights-camera-lashes-4-in-1-mascara/6.html?cgid=makeup-eyes-mascara&dwvar_6_color=black#start=1

Covergirl : https://www.covergirl.com/en_us/beauty-products/eye-makeup/mascara/lashblast-fusion-water-resistant-mascara

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