Fly Away’s

Everyone’s hair is a bit different so you will have to see what work best for you. In my case I have a lot of hair. It’s thick and very long. Over the year’s I have learned certain things that benefit’s my hair and what I need to stay away from. So here are some tips that may help out. (All the products I use I will be linking them. You can purchase most of them through Amazon or Target)

Growing up I had a problem with fly away’s. I soon noticed that the reason I had them was because my hair was short. I came up with this conclusion because I had nothing to weigh my hair down. During that time I didn’t curl my hair nor did I use a hair dryer. It was something that was just normal. As my hair started growing out and I got older I noticed that it would happen less and less. Until this day I still have fly away’s. In my opinion it is almost impossible for me to eliminate them but I learned how to avoid them and cover them. So let’s get started.

First thing’s, first let’s go over what to I avoid. Heat on wet hair. I mostly let my hair air dry and on occasions when I am running late I then blow dry it. It needs to be completely dry specially from my scalp to the tips. If in fact I do blow dry it I will go do my make up and let the heat from the dryer set in and come back to do my hair once my make up is done and the heat from blow drying has calm down.

After washing my hair I try not to put anything in it but on occasions I use a leave in conditioner. My favorite is the healthy very sexy hair soy leave in conditioner. I then brush it out which honestly it makes it so easy to brush through.

I then use a microfiber hair towel. It will help dry your hair faster by absorbing the water. Which will prevent you from using your regular towel to cause friction to dry out your hair.

I then let sit on it’s own not putting it up in a pony tail. I started using coiling rubber hair ties and those are official my favorite to sleep with. It doesn’t pull your hair tight but it also keeps it from moving at night. But my favorite part about it it helps prevent breakage in your hair.

Lastly, if for whatever reason none of these steps helped me and I wake up with frizzy and tons of fly away’s I do two things. One I part my hair a different way than what it’s use to. Two, I will use a form of gel or putty or hairspray. Honestly, I use whatever I have on hand. But like I mentioned before I try to avoid these products at all cost.

Hope you enjoy this post. Leave me a comment and let me know if any of these tips worked out for you.

Xoxo L.

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