V-day Gift For Him

I can honestly say that one of my favorite holiday’s is Valentines day. But then again any day I can give someone a gift is my favorite. The one thing I use to struggle with is buying the best gift for the hubby. But let’s face it he already has the best gift ever…ME!

Here are some gift ideas for him. Let us know what your plans are for this holiday in the comments below.

Xoxo, L.


I use to call these ear pods boy was I wrong, Airpods. I think most people would enjoy these because they are more convenient to carry and also more discrete.

Whiskey Decanter

This was on my list to purchase Jeff this year. But he insisted I didn’t, but my thought process was he can have this nice Whiskey Decanter in his office and always be able to provide me a drink.

Home Made Dinner

I am not one to cook dinner on a daily. My husband is more of the cook in our home. My goal this year is to cook home made dinners. So what better than a dinner for two. (Here is a recipe book if you are anything like me.)


In my opinion you can never go wrong with a nice tie. I love it when my man is dressed up to the 9’s.

Watch Box

So my hubby is a big watch guy. So what better thing to help keep his watches organized than a watch box.

House Slippers

If any of you are anything like Jeff and I we enjoy staying in doors. One thing that we do is try not wear our shoe’s in the house but instead use slippers. So every now and then it’s nice to receive a new pair.

Blue Lens Glasses

I know that this may not be much but someone that is always behind a computer can benefit from having blue lens glasses. Specially if you are a gamer guy.

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