Summer Essentials

After every summer I always think back of the things I should have worn and things I could have used during the summer. Since I live in Vegas you generally just get two seasons. Winter and summer I decided to prepare myself this year. So here are five summer essentials for this coming summer.

  1. I recently purchased this bathing suit and I loved it! Having a cute one piece bathing suit can prepare you for any future pool parties.
  2. A good pair of sunnies. There’s something about brown sunglasses in the summer that I love and usually I don’t have any but I bought this exact pair at express for this coming summer.
  3. Beach towel- I’m all about using a regular towel however how cute would you look in the most adorable beach towel.
  4. The strawbag I posted in this picture I think its the cutest. I wouldn’t use this bag for everyday use but during the summer you better believe I will.
  5. Sandals at the beginning of each summer I buy a set of new sandals because I live in them during the summer. It’s to the point where I even wear them to work. I recently purchased these from amazon and they are adorable!!!!

Tell me what your summer essentials are! I would love to know!

Xo, L.

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