30 Things To do When you turn 30

Just last week I was talking to you guys about how I am turning 30. So since I’m on this 30 theme I thought it would be a good time to write down 30 things to do when you turn 30. Lot’s of changes coming in the next few years and I have a good feeling that this year will be the best one yet. So here you have it! I am listing 30 things I want to do in the next year.

  1. Make a good book list. Even if it’s just for you.
  2. Have dinner at restaurant by yourself. And maybe take a book from your reading list.
  3. Go to the movies alone. Just don’t watch a scary movie in case you might need someone to hold.
  4. Get a tattoo (sorry mom)…
  5. Take a lessons (dancing, golfing calligraphy whatever your little heart desires)
  6. Bake a cake from scratch.
  7. Get rid of that old underwear you find comfortable, the wholes aren’t getting any smaller. lol
  8. Buy one nice piece of jewelry for yourself. Treat Yo’ Self!
  9. Bring a friend a bouquet of flowers for no reasons.
  10. Call your parents more often.
  11. Host a dinner party.
  12. Go on a trip to a city you have never been to before.
  14. Exercise more often
  15. Drink lots of water. It’s good for you!
  16. Print your favorite photos and display them.
  17. Take a trip with you sisters or best friends.
  18. Put cream and lotion all over your body. Your face and body will thank you later.
  19. Get a massage because you wanted one.
  20. Do something that scares you. (skydiving, parasailing, bungee jumping the sky is the limit… literally)
  21. Learn a new hairstyle.
  22. Get rid of bad habits. (Don’t bite your nails, and don’t be so impulsive.)
  23. Stop holding grudges.
  24. Do volunteer work.
  25. Learn to cook a proper meal. (My husband would like that one)
  26. Start writing about all the good things in life.
  27. Learn about your family tree. So you have something too look back at.
  28. Stop living for social media but live for yourself.
  29. Plan a ravishing birthday party and list all the things you want to do next year.
  30. Wake up everyday and be grateful to be alive another day.


What are somethings that are in your bucket list this year? If I forgot something make sure to add it in the comment section.

Xo, L.

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