How to Shop on LiketoKNOW.IT

Hi Friends! If you follow me on Instagram you probably hear me talk about all the time. Specially in the last year. Today I wanted to share with you why I use LTK. How I use it and how it can be helpful to you as well.


Here are my reasons why I signed up for the app:

  1. It’s probably the easiest ways for you to shop my outfits and accessories.
  2. Almost all the stores I shop at are part of the making it at one stop shop for my followers.
  3. Most bloggers are on this same platform so its easy to shop other influencer’s looks as well.
  4. I’m able to receive a small commission on my investments.
  5. The helps me see what you are more interested in and what you are in the look for when it comes to shopping.

What is the

It is an app that allows people to shop their favorite influencer’s products.

How to get

To get the app is super simple! I have broken down the steps to get the app.

Feel free to leave a comment with additional questions on LIKEtoKNOW.IT . You can also shop my looks here.

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