A Conscious Fashion Brand With Unique Accessories

A good way to describe my style, is versatile. I love timeless accessories that I can use with any style and are of good quality. The idea of wearing the same item in different ways is so exciting to me.

I really wish I can find you a picture of when I was a little girl. I would wear big statement rings, my entire wrist would be filled with all types of bracelets but most importantly I would love planning my outfits every day and adding the extra piece of razzel dazzel.

My newest accessory is my JORD (pronounced “yode”), the Frankie II Ebony & Gold. They have many other different styles, colors and they even size to you, so you are bound to find something that will match your style. Besides watches, JORD also designs Apple bands and sunglasses!

Even though I love jewelry accessories I have a love for none other than a good handbag! JORD has now come out with a new handbag line! The handbags are a new release that is made from cork oak bark (trademarked Suberhide) that JORD has sustainably sourced from Portugal. Cork oak trees are one of three trees that can have its bark stripped and harvested without hurting the tree. As the bark regrows, cork oak trees pull in large amounts of carbon dioxide.

Some really cool things about their bags :

  • They are scratch, stain, and water resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Flame retardant
  • high elastic (it will keep its shape after compression)
  • Easy to clean!

Interested yet??? Well if you aren’t, here is a special offer that might end up changing your mind.

Help me design a Handbag

JORD wants your feedback on the type of bags you’re looking for. Their ultimate goal is to be able to provide a product that will suit your everyday life and needs. Their mission is conscious fashion by creating high-quality, timeless designs to surpass the trends. Click here to take the design survey, and you will receive $30 off your next order with JORD. You will also have the opportunity to be invited to offer your feedback and personal opinions by joining the JORD Design Network. Seriously, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Make sure you check out the website and let me know what your favorire item is!


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