Let’s talk DERMA-E

Now that I’m in my 30’s I am extra good to my skin. I wish I would have started to be a bit more careful with it earlier on. I have started to be more gentle and understand what things can damage it. I use to never wear anything with SPF on my face… can you believe it??? Now that I have made this transition I was introduced to DERMA-E I wont look back.

One of the many reasons why i love it, its because I have really sensitive skin and DERMA-E is 100% vegan, GMO-free and the best part is that they are cruelty free! Aside for it being health conscious it’s also so affordable and echo-ethical and to top that off it works!

In the beginning of May I decided to start using their products. I started off with the their Anti- Wrinkle Toner. I kept being told by friends that I needed to use toner on a daily basis so I figured let’s start there. I love the fact that the toner was alcohol free and non-drying toner because I generally get really flaky when the weather starts to change. It help have a more balance complexion.

I spend a lot of time behind a computer or a phone screen. The light from the screens can cause damage to your skin which is why I started using their Blue Light Shield Spray and Blue Light Concentrated Serum. In my personal opinion the Blue Light Shield Spray is my favorite because I am able to use it as setting spray. This mineral spray helps nourishes, balances and revives stressed skin. (YES PLEASE!) The Blue Light Concentrated Serum you would use before any moisturizer but it helps in the same ways.

Since I have such sensitive skin I have gradually added one new product of theirs one by one. I have 3 more products I am looking to incorporate. Sun Defense Mineral Sunscreen, Sun Defense Mineral Oil-Free Sunscreen and the Vitamin C Radiance Citrus Facial Peel. All these products are dermatologist recommended.

You can find all these products HERE or at your local Ulta, Target and DERMA-E website.

If you have use these products or plan on using them let me know which ones in the comments below!

XO, L.

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