10 Stylish Sandals for Summer

I have been never a summer person, but I am actually looking forward to it this year (one reason is because I get to wear all the sandals I just ordered… but keep reading haha ) Usually in the summer Jeff (my husband) and I go to concerts and have an amazing time. Who know’s what it will be like this summer due to the virus. The last few weeks I lived in sandals, since we can’t go out, and I wasn’t planning on getting fancy just to go to the grocery store. But I have always had a love hate relationship with sandals. Here is why….

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  • I have the hardest time finding sandals that fit, they never have my size.
  • I much rather wear heels.
  • I truly hate spending tons of money on sandals.

Being that my shoe size is a 4 1/2 I never find shoes that actually fit. Also I am 4’9 I am always in heels so I don’t feel so short next to my husband, family and friends. I love staying on trend but I live on a budget and I don’t want to spend over $50 on sandals when there is a big chance I might not wear them next year. The good news is, Target actually carries sandals for under $24 dollars and right now it’s the best time to stock up. Why you may ask… because if you buy one pair of sandals you’ll get the second pair for FREE!!! Run don’t walk! (Click here for the Target website) I just ordered 4 pair of sandals for under $47 dollars that also included free shipping and getting 5% off by using my Redcard. Whether you purchase these sandals after the sale or now you are still getting a good deal by getting fashionable sandals for under $25.

Let me know in the comments below which are your favorite sandals for this summer.

XO, L.

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