Babes Supporting Babes

Say it with me ladies “I am a strong independent woman, nothing can stop me from doing what I want to do.” It’s amazing to me that there are some hard core boss babes that you can look up to. They ladies can easily help inspire you and show you what they did to overcome all odds to be where they are today. If they can do it, YOU CAN TOO! Having an entrepreneur mindset isn’t easy, but nothing is. However, we need to stick together, we need empower and encourage each other. It cost us nothing to be supportive.

Growing up it was easier to be friends with guys, excuse my language but there is no bullshit with them. There was no room for jealousy or talking crap. So being friends with girls was big adjustment (still learning). However, if you are looking to grow your brand, be a good friend or just be a sign of hope their is a few things that we need to change to be women of empowerment. When women support women it speaks volumes of who you are as a person.

My mom always said it doesn’t matter what you do when people are watching is what you do when people are not watching that counts.

So here is my list on how to support your fellow entrepreneur babes:

  • Be supportive (whether it’s a new venture or something that they are passionate about just be supportive). If they are growing their social media platform, starting an online business, it cost nothing to leave a comment, watch their live videos and tell them they did a good job!
  • Helpfulness (sometimes people are afraid to ask for help) if they are struggling getting their website up, coding, or learning a new task be helpful. Especially if you know the lingo.
  • Not everything is a competition (So if someone ask you for advice or how you did something all you can do is lead them towards the right direction. It doesn’t mean that they are out to get you, take your spot or be better than you) If they do something that you doing, take it as a form of flattery. (coping isn’t always a bad thing)
  • Jealousy get you nowhere (stop comparing! Be happy and grow from where you are at). This maybe hard because that something that comes naturally. Self-awareness is a key component to being a confident individual.

I personally have to constantly remind myself to do these things. It’s so easy to just focus on myself and do what I need to do to help me grow. But its not always about that. Most people are in the people business so in order for you to grow you need to help others grow. Even though that’s something I truly believe in, I also believe in this thing called KARMA. Whether its good karma or bad karma, what goes around comes around. So if you put out good in the world, it will manifest into good karma for you.

Lastly, girls you got this! Whether it’s a new promotion in the job you are currently at, you want to grow as a person, or your entrepreneur don’t ever think you can’t do it. Just know that I believe in you! Someone else is counting on you so you can help show them the way!


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