Derma-E Collection

Once again the Derma-E collection is back and let me tell you I think this is by far my favorite one yet. May I remind you that you are able to find all these products at your local Target, ULTA, or the Derma-E website. All these products are eco-friendly, soy free and cruelty free. Some of the products that I will be talking about also contains CBD.

Skin De-Stress Calming CBD Moisturizer- Has no smell which is a big plus for me. I’ve noticed over the years that moisturizers with a scent tend to dry out my skin. Once on you get a cooling affect and honestly relaxes you. (Probably why they call it De-Stress lol) . It helps reduce redness and at the same time it will help with dehydration skin.

Skin De-Stress Calming CBD Cleanser – I am always in the search for a good affordable cleanser and I think I just found the one. I have very sensitive skin. However, one pump of this cleanser leaves my face looking so refreshed. It also contains Aloe so it helps with not peeling, when I have dry skin but at the same time regulating my oily areas.

Skin De-Stress Calming CBD Serum- I have used the serum after doing my at home micro needling, which is right before bed. It helps reduce the redness from the micro needling and keeps my face hydrated before bed. I love doing after Micro needling because I then feel like the serum is being absorb by my pores.

Restoring Shea Body Lotion – As embarrassing as this sounds I have the driest feet in the world. Clearly this is a body lotion however, something about it help remove the dryness of my feet. The thickness of the lotion is amazing plus it drys quickly so you feel hydrated without feeling sticky.

Vitamin C Instant Radiance Citrus Facial Peel- The smell of this peel is very citrusy. I just used it last night before bed. After having it on for 5 minutes it left my skin looking fresh and bright.

Universal Cleansing Balm- This is by far the most interesting product. This balm is pretty amazing, it comes in a small container and it is also somewhat thick. My favorite thing about this balm is first the smell! OH MY GOODNESS it smells amazing. The moment it touches your skin it basically melts. After doing the cleanse I grab a warm damp towel and wipe it off and let me tell you it’s such a satisfying feeling.

This is my second blog post in regards to Derma-E and I keep wanting to try more and more of their products. I have yet to be disappointed.

If you have tried Derma-E products before please tell me which ones or if you haven’t let me know which product you want to try. I am curious to know.

XO, L.

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