My Better Half

I don’t get to talk about Jeff on my blog or on stories because he thinks that people will like him more than me. Even though that can possibly be the funny truth he is truly my better half and I wish he would let me share more videos of him to show you guys his quick wit. It’s pretty amazing! We started dating in 2014 and clearly that is not that long especially when we know people that have dated their significant other for over 10 years. However, Jeff and I have an interesting story. We dated in secret for a few months. (More details on a future post) We decided that we wanted to be partners in a business together, and we weren’t even dating. We would go on dates but according to him we weren’t dating. Clearly I had a loose screw for him. We have now been married for two years and they have been the best two years of my life. Here is somethings that we had to work on to keep things interesting in our relationship and what has helped us along the way:

  1. We started new hobbies. Together and separately. – He loves having a movie collection and for me it was blogging. Together, we started walking, hiking and bowling! It gets us out of the house and away from a screen.
  2. Personal space – Even though we both work full time jobs we make a point to give each other personal space. Basically alone time to unwind. (But most of the time it’s me wanting to hang out and bug him)
  3. Create a schedule that works- Jeff works late hours and because of that for the most part we don’t have dinner together. However, we make it a point to have dinner together on Wednesdays and on the weekend.
  4. 5 Love Languages – I know it sounds so cliche but this book has helped us. (Link here) We learned that we both have a different love language. I learned that he loves physical touch and for me it’s words of affirmation. This is something that we both constantly have to work at. Trust me we are far from perfect but always willing to work at it.
  5. Courting- Trust me ladies that doesn’t mean that your man has to always try to sweep you off your feet. I love romance and I am the worst hopeless romantic because I often times find myself wanting my life to be like a movie. Needless to say if he isn’t doing that… tell him. Remind him how to sweep you off your feet. Which leads me to….
  6. Communication – I am sure you hear this all the time communication is the key. Jeff is very quiet and keeps his feelings to himself. Even though a lot of times I have to pull it out of him it’s always better to communicate than hold resentment towards the other person.
  7. Have a good time – Play games together, joke around, get drunk, whatever, just have have fun!
  8. Who is the hottie??? – Try to look good for the other person. Sadly appearances go a long way. Plus when I walk into a room I want my husband to look at me and think “Holy cow that’s my wife” and the same goes for me. Babe I say that all the time 😉
  9. Never go to bed angry – At our wedding his parents gave a speech and that’s one thing I could never forget. If we are fighting he have this unspoken rule where we need to resolve it before 10:30 because I will be cranky the next morning due to lack of sleep.
  10. Kiss goodnight, kiss when you leave and kiss when you get back. For me it’s the unspoken way to say I missed you, I love you and I’ll miss you.

Trust me no relationship is perfect, Jeff isn’t perfect and neither am I. Learning to accept each other with all of our quarks was a learning curve but I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. I got to marry my best friend and I feel so lucky.

If you could give a newlywed any advice what would it be. Leave it in a comment below.

XO, L.

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