Simple Ways To Entertain Yourself On a Long Car Ride

Hi Everyone, it has been a while since my last blog post but I am back. Lately, we have been driving back and forth from California and Las Vegas. Everyone always ask how was the drive and honestly we have gotten use to it over the years so it goes by fast for us. However, we also keep each other entertained. Here are some tips for long car rides:

  • Talk about our day. – We usually try to save our conversation about our day until we are in the car. Usually we drive back to California right after work or early in the morning the next day. To make sure that we are not driving each other crazy we attempt to save our vent about work during our car ride back.
  • Play the name game. – I don’t know if this is an actual game but my sister and I use to play as kids and now Jeff and I do during our car rides. I will attempt to explain the rules of the game as easy as possible. Just a side note its always best if someone is writing these names down because you can’t repeat them. So someone starts by saying a famous person name. They have to have a first and last name. So it can’t be Madonna or Cher lol. and the next person needs to say another name that starts with the first person first letter of their last name. Example – Person one Jason Bateman, Person 2 Britney Spears. The game goes on until you can’t think of any more names. So technically it can go on forever. lol
  • 21 questions.– At this point in our marriage we already know a lot of each other but its always fun to play.
  • Have a sing along. – Car Karaoke is always fun.
  • We have a snack, lunch or dinner. – Helps you stay awake and who can say no to food right?… lol

Our goal was to travel to several different places during 2020 however, the world had other plans for us. We drove to the Grand Canyon and a few ghost towns a few hours away from us. Traveling by vehicle has really grown on us. So I hope you find these quick and simple ways to entertained yourself during long car rides useful.

Let me know in the comments below of other ways you stay busy and entertained while traveling.

XO, L.

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