Light RX Body Contour

As some of you may or may not know I have been receiving treatments for almost 2 months with Light Rx. I decided to do the body Contour treatments that mostly consisted of the Venus Bliss, and Venus Legacy . I went in with the mindset of even if it improves the appearance of my stomach just a little I will be extremely happy. However, it did more than that. However, let me take a moment to a explain the three treatments I received.

The Venus Bliss is a treatment that helps destroy the fat cells that are in your body, you are able to use the bliss in all areas but its commonly used in the abdomen and love handles. I focused on my abdomen as I mentioned before, what they do is place applicators that are light based energy that penetrates and collapses fat cells. This treatment last about 25 to 30 minutes long, what you feel is hot and cool sensation in your stomach.

Venus Legacy is what is used for body contouring and body sculpting technology. It combines radio frequencies and magnetic pulses with heat heat over the skin. It will then trigger a natural healing response into the body which lead to new collagen. To help target cellulite reduction and skin tightening by doing so it will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles and signs of aging.

At first I thought these things were just going to be treatments but they have become more of light style change. Before or after each session it is recommended to do 30 minutes of cardio. Which even after all my treatments have become of part of my daily routine. I really wanted these treatments to work so I did everything I could to make sure that I got my 30 minutes in. I paid attention to my heart rate and attempted to stay consistent of my daily routine. I eliminated all the bad food that could set me back and not show results.

Personally I didn’t see results until the end. However, I have noticed some jeans fit a little lose in my stomach area. I had some love handles under my chest area from wearing bras which is not something I see anymore. I started my first session June 6th and here are my measurements 30/32/34 as of today my measurements are 29.5/31.5/33.

With that being said, I am considering of getting some more treatments done on my back love handles. Ultimately, I am happy with the life changes these treatments have done for me.

Let me know if you would get any of these treatments done in the comments below!

XO, L.

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