Fly Away’s

Everyone’s hair is a bit different so you will have to see what work best for you. In my case I have a lot of hair. It’s thick and very long. Over the year’s I have learned certain things that benefit’s my hair and what I need to stay away from. So here are some tips that may help out. (All the products I use I will be linking them. You can purchase most of them through Amazon or Target)

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Happy Wednesday!

Let’s talk curling Iron’s. I love curling my hair, I do it almost everyday. As silly as it may sound I feel more confident when my hair is curled. Everyone has their own style and what they feel better in and for me my hair needs to be 100% curled. I know that finding a good curling iron can be hard, specially if you use it everyday. Sometimes they break they are to heavy or they just don’t the job right. So here is one from my favorite brand, it’s light weight and easy to use. Hope this helps meets all your curling needs.

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