New City New Friends

New friendships come in our lives constantly and no matter what some people leave an impressions on you. But it’s also not always easy specially making new friends in a city where everyone is in a hurry and flaky. When I first moved here I only had one friend which was my co worker. But I always wanted to make new friends. So here are 3 tips on how to make new friends.

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Laura for those of you who don’t know me. I enjoy everything about fashion, shoes, clothes, accessories you name it, I love it! Often times I find it hard to find things that fit me. I am 4’9 and a little over 100 pounds. You would think a size small in everything would fit but unfortunately that’s not always the case. I frequently see people wear outfits that look amazing on them and I buy the same exact thing but because of my height it doesn’t always look the same. So during this journey my goal is to help you find different places to shop, on a budget and a long with that show you some short girl hacks for my girls who are just as short as me.

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