In a lot of words!

My name is Laura and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I work in real estate and property management. May 2019 will mark our first year of marriage. My husband  Jeff, is honestly my biggest supporter, my biggest fan, the ultimate boyfriend but overall my best friend. Jeff and I have a daughter and her name is Penny, she is a puppy… but she should basically be a human.

Currently, my husband and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Which is so odd because I never thought I would move out of California. Moving to a different state and away from our friends and family was a challenge. (But we should leave that for another post) But… we love it here and we have grown so much as individuals. It’s actually pretty awesome. We are both so happy that we stayed and gave it a shot. 

I have always loved clothes and fashion ever since I was a little girl. Luckily my mom let me expressed myself through fashion. Meaning, there were many days I didn’t match, wore crazy hats and had many bangles and rings that made so much noise you would hear me coming from a mile away. Which later on caused me to be overly obsessed with accessories.

Since then my style has changed. I tend to have a little taste of everything, meaning I love the vintage, classy, and the edgy look, and with all that I enjoy being casual 99% of the time. But let’s face it we all like a little bit of everything right… the whole point is to make it your own. Specially if we can get it at a good deal.

With that, my goal is to express my personal style, share a little bit of my life with you and grow right along side you. 


XO ~ L.